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Power Builder to Java

Migrate your PowerBuilder applications to Java or .NET web for free.You'll be able to view and test the translated application at no cost or obligation before deciding whether to purchase.

PowerBuilder to Java Tool transparently converts PowerBuilder Application into JSF Based J2EE application with minimum or no manual refactoring. JSF is a component event driven based MVC 2 framework. And, it suits well with PowerBuilder component events delegation. The translated J2EE components built using industry standard open source Myfaces components to handle rich UI Lookup. All PowerBuilder functions are translated into equivalent java functions with same hierarchy as in PowerBuilder functions.

Similarly Business logic embedded in Non visual objects are carried to POJO based Application service objects which would be directly controlled from Managed/Backing beans. Data access to persistence is provided using DAO access layer with flexibility of replacing with ORM DAO layer.

PowerBuilder to Java

The application is layered as per below details

Presentation Layer:

This layer consists of the following components:

  1. JSF MyFaces Components which are industry standard and light weight.

  2. A4J Components for interactive event delegation from Client to Server apart from the JSF managed beans control

  3. All Reports will be handled by Jasper Reports.

Business Logic:

This layer consists of the following components:

Managed Bean / Backing Bean: The bean classes provide the interface between the UI JSF pages and services of server layer. Also handles the event handling and data entry validations

Business Components: These are normal Java POJO classes providing interface to backend database through DAO layer.

Data Access Layer:

Data Access Components: DAO access is done by centralized query executor which handles all Database CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) operations, which is a single interface built on JDBC API or Spring JDBC.