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PB to .Net | PowerBuilder to ASP.Net Migration
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Power Builder to .Net

Migrate your PowerBuilder applications to Java or .NET web for free.You'll be able to view and test the translated application at no cost or obligation before deciding whether to purchase.

Below diagram and the following text content provides high level architecture and component level recommendations for each application layer.

PowerBuilder to .Net

The application is layered as per below details

Presentation Layer:

This layer consists of the following components:

jQuery is a client side technology, supported by Microsoft. It is pretty light weight library which makes interaction between HTML and JavaScript very easy. Client side Development and maintainability is very much simplified using this library.

The design will include a combination of ASP.NET Framework with the Ajax Control Toolkit for server-side Ajax and jQuery for client-side Ajax.

Silverlight: During the requirements phase the modules, where high performance is required, will be implemented using Silverlight. They simulate a standard desktop client without post backs and callbacks

All Reporting capabilities will be handled by Microsoft RDLC (Report Definition Language Client-side).

Business Logic:

This layer consists of the following components:

Facade: Abstraction is used to implement loose coupling between layers. This is accomplished by defining interface components, such as a facade. The façade layer is exposed to the Clients

Business Components: These components implement the business logic of the application. This layer contains both the business logic and also act as a data transfer layer to the presentation layer.

Business Entities:

• Business entity classes are used to transfer data across layers. These entities reduce the coupling among different layers.

• Data will be passed across the layers of the application using thee Business Entities.

• These entities are implemented using custom object-oriented classes

Data Access Layer:

Data Access Components:Data access components abstract the logic necessary to communicate with the underlying data store.

Cross Cutting Components:

This section is a part of all the Layers. It includes the following: