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Power Builder to Java or .Net

Migrate your PowerBuilder applications to Java or .NET web for free.You'll be able to view and test the translated application at no cost or obligation before deciding whether to purchase.

PowerBuilder Migration Tool

SoftSol’s PowerBuilder Migration Tool:

Central to our solution is SoftSol’s proprietary PowerBuilder migration Tool which can perform migration of PowerBuilder applications to Java or .Net. It serves three important roles in the migration process:

  1. Analysis and diagnostics: Enables accurate application anaslysis and reliable project timeline projection.
    Additionally, it assists in identifying any unique technical challenges inherent to the migration.

  2. Language Transformation: Converts PowerBuilder code into Java/.NET technologies

  3. Runtime Libraries: Provides Libraries for PowerBuilder and PFC framework classes.

Benefits of SoftSol’s Automated Migration Solution

Automated Migration Solution Benefits

Automated Migration

Accurate Code Translation

SoftSol’s PowerBuilder migration Tool provides a very high level of migration accuracy while ensuring converted code is maintainable and complies with technology standards of Java/.NET

Preserve Business Logic

An essential requirement for any PowerBuilder migration project is that all of the business logic and validation rules from the source application remain unchanged. SoftSol’s automated tool provides the best value proposition for this situation because it automatically transforms all the business rules/validations defined in PowerBuilder to the target platform. In contrast, an application rewrite would require the entire requirements/analysis phase to be redone, whereas third-party packaged software would necessitate extraction and mapping of business rules.

Reliable and Timely Solution

Our Migration tool can transform thousands of lines of code in minutes. With a manual process, by contrast, this same work may take many months, and delays are very common. Because SoftSol does not have to “rebuild” every part of the application, we are able to move rapidly to the QA and performance-testing phase. This way, the client receives a superior quality solution in a minimal timeframe.

Parallel Development during Migration

In most situations, it is impossible for the client to do a complete “code freeze” on the original PowerBuilder application for the full duration of the project. With the rapid pace of business today, it’s almost unavoidable that IT teams will need to make some changes to the original application even after the migration has begun. With a manual approach, this would require that these changes to be applied in both systems—doubling the work and increase the chance for errors. SoftSol’s PowerBuilder migration tool allows changes to be made to the PowerBuilder code throughout most of the migration process. After changes have been made, the tool can simply be run again and all new modifications are then transferred over to the new application. Thus, parallel development during migration is possible with the highest level of accuracy at the same time keeping the costs and risks low.

Value for Money

An automated tool that migrates almost 100% of the code accurately provides the most cost-effective solution over all other approaches. Various aspects of this approach – such as low risk, predictable cost, shortened schedule, minimum code-freeze time and no database migration –provides customers with the most value for money.

Technical Advantages

SoftSol’s automated tool supports almost all aspects of the PowerBuilder language and platform. This ensures a very high degree of automation for SoftSol’s customers. Some of the key features of the migration tool are listed below.

PowerBuilder Data Types

SoftSol’s automated tool translates all PowerBuilder types to their equivalent supported types in Java. This includes data types such as integer, double, date time, any, blob and Array types. The automated tool also translates PowerBuilder literals and constants. Because Java and .Net are strongly typed languages, the translator also takes care of explicit casting of objects into correct data types.

PowerBuilder Statements and Expressions

SoftSol’s automated tool translates all PowerBuilder statements and expressions. This includes statements such as ‘for’, ‘while’, ‘if’, etc. and expressions such as arithmetic, logical, relational, etc., The tool not only translates this code, but it also preserves the unique semantics of the PowerBuilder language. The transformed code thus executes in the same manner in both systems.

Event Handling

PowerBuilder provides a comprehensive event-handling framework. This framework supports various types of events: system events, completion events and ancestor events. SoftSol’s automated tool not only supports all these events, but also provides multiple patterns for each of these.


PowerBuilder supports transaction using the transaction object. SoftSol’s automated tool supports transaction management for persistence operations using programmatic means.

SQL Statements and Cursors

PowerBuilder supports various types of SQL statements including DDL, DML, stored procedures and cursors. In addition, PowerBuilder provides two mechanisms to execute SQL commands – embedded SQL and dynamic SQL. SoftSol’s automated tool supports translation of all types of SQL statements to the Java language. SoftSol’s automated tool also provides the option to translate these to multiple patterns depending on the application’s desired architecture. The migrated code uses standard Java/J2EE patterns that are easy to maintain over the application lifetime.


Most clients that want to migrate their PowerBuilder applications desire a one-to-one migration. This implies that business rules and presentation layer are migrated with minimal to no change. Nevertheless, the target architecture for each migration project may be different. This is due to differences in architectural standards, enterprise architecture, third-party tools, etc., SoftSol recognizes that every client’s PowerBuilder migration project is different and has unique requirements. To account for these migrations, the automated tool is highly configurable and tunable. Thus the automated tool generates code that is not only customized for a specific client but also providing the highest level of automation and a one-to-one migration. This ability of the automated tool to deliver custom solutions ensures that we can provide a highly customized migration for our clients.

The following chart highlights the PowerBuilder features the Tool supports

Sample Code

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